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When some of us saw the end of a millennium and the beginning of one, we wouldn’t have known that it would be the least of marvels (pun intended) we get to experience in this century. We have only passed 2 decades and it is safe to say that we are not on the verge of a technological breakthrough, we are living it.

As the world around us keep constantly changing, the career opportunities keep growing for new professions like never before. Though several professions maintain their stance in this era, there are some new professions, thriving to be the top contender in the game.

So, here we are to discuss some of the best careers opportunities out in the country and, I have taken the liberty to exclude art industry, as they face constant ups and downs at any time. The main objective of this article is to find the best jobs that stand strong, irrespective of the economy as well as the challenging environments like the one we are in.


Health Industry has never faced a downtime in a very long time. But, due to the considerable difficulty of the medical profession, the requirement of doctors has always been on high demand. Also, in this post COVID era, medical professionals are seen as an equivalent to God by many of us. So, in addition to making a fortune, there is also the satisfaction of saving lives and the commendations from the world.


CA is considered to be one of the most dignified professions in the country. From the monumental difficulty of passing the examinations to the 3 year-long internship period before appearing to the final stage, it has everything to test a person’s commitment. But, once passed through, a Chartered Accountant has multiple options with huge financial benefits to choose from.


As of now, you would have made the connection that in a job, difficulty and salary are directly proportional. Similarly, like the ones with the most tiring jobs in the world, commercial pilots are also offered the fanciest lifestyle and a fat paycheck. After the invasion of COVID-19, this profession was expected to see a huge fall. But, in contrary, the demand survived the pandemic and is still as high as ever before.


Marketing is now a huge part in any business sector and every organization seems to understand the need for it. From the biggest conglomerates to the budding startups, marketing is essential to take any product to the target audience. Thus, marketing professionals are of high demand in almost every industry you could think of.


Demand for administrative roles in the country has taken a new rise, owing to the pandemic. India has one of the most sophisticated grading systems, when it comes to appointing administrative professionals, comparing to any other country in the world. Though this makes the profession hard, the chances of the passing the examinations are made common for people of any education or financial background. Thus, the profession still stands as one of the most prestigious and sought after professions in the country.


India had been one of the biggest suppliers of software engineers in the world and the demand keeps getting higher every year. Software engineers and developers have played a huge role in designing the new world and so, this is one of the new professions of the century that is in for the long run.


In this so-called Digital World, every single data matters. From grocery to heavy machinery, the systems are equipped to handle everything. These systems collect a mountain of data which can be used for several productive purposes if handled and integrated by a learned professional. So, data scientists who are well versed in the data science are required at several businesses, especially the online markets.


As the other child of the technological evolution, websites are the new fancy showrooms. Also, the post-pandemic world has become even more inclined to get everything online. In this case, the full-stack developers are the ones to look for, if you are looking for someone to build an excellent web platform to your business and run it successfully, without any issues. Owing to extensive professional expectations, this job also seems to pay well.


As mentioned above, data availability is increasing exponentially and the protection of sensitive data is one of the top priorities among every single business. Also, with the risk of increasing number in hackers and cybercriminals, the cybersecurity expert professions are in search, by many companies to enhance the security of their systems.


As mentioned several times earlier, several data of the people, including the data of any business’s target audience, are collected online by several platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. These platforms offer digital marketing opportunities to any businesses that are willing to trust the new way of the world.

When used in the right way, these marketing campaigns can reach the right kind of people, known to offer massive productivity within reach.

Though marketing professionals are known to do the same thing traditionally, this needs a lot more technical experience and understanding. Also, the expenses can be considerably less, comparing to traditional methods. So, companies are more interested to employ or outsource digital marketing professionals to improve their business.


Your resume communicates your qualities to the recruiter, unlike any other documents or even social media profiles. It is the most compressed compilation of your details, education, abilities and experience or in short, your history. So, it is not nearly necessary to say that resume is very important for any job seeker. Anyone who doesn’t know it already is probably not seeking anything anytime soon.

There are several ways to build a resume. But, it is often the case that a student or even a professional is not completely aware of the proper way to do it. So, we are here to discuss the most common ways to do it right and some of the most common mistakes that can be easily avoided.


Keeping it Simple

You have to provide an understandable resume with very limited usage of technical jargon, that too only if necessary. So, ensure to maintain a simple language, to easily communicate your value to the recruiters.

Keeping it Short

If possible, contain your resume within a page and avoid going more than 2 pages. Recruiters are known to overlook a huge pile of information and it is important to let them see the relevant things when they merely skim your resume. So, when writing a resume, positively avoid redundant and irrelevant data.

Specified Objective

The objective in your resume conveys what kind of a job you expect, what kind of a person you are and what you could bring into the company, that too in the most precise way. Mainly, it should be relatable to the job that you are applying for. So, it is advisable to put more effort into it and frame it in the best way possible.


The following steps are advisable when you are looking to write a flawless resume.


There are three common types of style in building a resume. But, the reverse chronological order can be considered as the most efficient way of displaying the professional journey of a person.

This method involves writing the most recent professional experience on top, followed by your other professional achievements and educational qualifications, in reverse order.


This includes basic details such as your name, contact number, mail and in some cases, even the residential address. So, always make sure to add this at the top of the front side of your resume.


As mentioned above, write your professional experience here, starting from your most recent job and work it towards your first job. Also, don’t forget that this is not the only way to do it, just the most straightforward one.

Add your job designation and company name in the title, and include the period within brackets.

Example: Marketing Manager – XYZ Constructions (July 2018 – June 2020)

Below each of these sub-headings, add the roles of your job and the duties delivered by you, in the most precise way. Ensure that you haven’t left a timeline blank, to avoid any speculations from the recruiters.


The most common practice is to use a table, to display one’s educational qualification and it is also an efficient way to do so. Add your most recent education first (example: Post Graduation) and work it in reverse, as far as your 10th grade.


Include some of your special skills (avoid soft skills) and other activities that define your interests, in the periphery of your professional experience.


If your resume hasn’t already been cramped up with too many details, add some simple personal details like your DOB, Parents’ Name & Marital Status. You can add more if you like, but any more is practically redundant.


References are relevant if you are looking to join a reputed institution. If you are experienced professional, you are expected to add at least 2 contacts of the superiors from your previous employment. If you are a fresher, the reference contacts can be of the college officials, from your recent graduation.


The declaration is the most traditional conclusion to every formal resume in which you are required to self-attest that all the given information is true and unexaggerated.


Being an entrepreneur is an exceptionally tough job, let alone being a successful one. But, several young entrepreneurs have developed their business from scratch and successfully uplifted them into multimillion-dollar businesses. So, if it is incredibly tough, then how could they do it? Especially, how do they make it look so easy?

To be honest, there is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. Moreover, if you are not ready to make some major changes to your lifestyle and attitude, unfortunately, it may not be right for you. So, we shall look into some of the bad things to do, if you are looking to be a successful entrepreneur.

Makes false promises

If you are looking to build a long-lasting enterprise, lying is not the way. If you tell lies and make false promises to your customers or partners, you may lose them and never get them back. It kills the reputation of your business and in this digital world, it is almost impossible to earn back your lost reputation.

Bossing around

If you are a pain to your employees, they will not blink twice to quit the job once they get a better opportunity. If your team is constantly changing and you spend a lot of time training new staff, it leaves you no time to think or act towards the growth of your company.

Lack of vision & plan

If you have started a business just because you needed some money, it will only take you so far. Without a clear vision and a plan to achieve it, no business can become successful.

Lack of social welfare

If you are willing to compromise social and environmental welfare for the profit of your company, you have already lost.

Hates their business

Entrepreneurship is all about doing what you love. If you do a business that you hate or if you have started hating your business, you are not going in the right direction.

Compromises health

Working hard to build a successful business can be very stressful, to both your mind and your body. But, if you lack focus on your health, any success you achieve would have been for nothing. Spending time for one’s physical and mental welfare can also enhance your focus and end up providing successful results.


Laziness and an entrepreneur are a bad combination. Delaying one’s duties in a business can bring devastating results to the business and to those who depend on the business for their livelihood.

Any successful person will stay curious and understand the importance of learning. Learning new things keeps one’s senses intact and will even help an entrepreneur to make productive implementations in business. Lacking the interest to learn curtails the growth of any business.

Improper marketing

Any business needs marketing to identify brand availability to its target customers. If an entrepreneur is uninterested to spend on marketing, it will affect the growth of the company.

Ignores feedback

A customer’s feedback can end up being the most valuable free advice one can get to grow their business. Successful people listen to feedback from their customers and modify their business approach to rectify any mistakes. If you blatantly ignore feedback, it affects the value of your company.


Several industries have faced serious fallout in the face of the pandemic. Some industries have felt the wrath of COVID stronger than a few of the fortunate ones. But, some businesses have emerged even more successful after the pandemic. Also, some businesses have been speculated by the experts, to find success in the coming years. We are about to discuss some of the businesses that have more probability of success than others, in the country.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

AR and VR have been used by tech savants all around the world, even before the pandemic. But, people were not very much interested to adapt to virtual reality so easily, since they didn’t face any issues in conducting conferences, meetings and functions before. This changed when COVID knocked our doorsteps. What was once a luxury has now become an absolute necessity. AR and VR industries needed a push to reach a wider audience and the pandemic seemed to have packed a punch.

Healthcare & Sanitation

Masks and hand sanitizers were available in the pharmaceuticals for a very long time. But, no one cared to use them until the advent of the pandemic. An immediate spike in the need for masks and hand sanitizers has even forced some leading garment companies to manufacture reusable masks. Since the coronavirus doesn’t seem to plan on going completely anything soon, the need will continue to exist at least for another year. Also, when the vaccines reach public distribution, the pharmaceutical industries will end up making a fortune out of it.

Online Markets

Though online markets were running with considerable success before, some divisions like grocery, textile & medicine were just waiting for their breakthrough moment. When COVID locked us inside, people got used to the delivery services and this was the strategic advantage these businesses were longing for. They seemed to have used it well and have built a stronger customer base during the mentioned period. Even the most successful retail platforms have now been starting to rely upon online services, to sell their products.

Cyber Security

People have started to rely on cashless virtual payment platforms more than ever. Virtual money transaction has been made easy and comfortable for the customers. So, even the most paranoid people have been beginning to see the benefits of virtual money. This success can seemingly attract several hackers and cybercriminals to steal customer financial data. The cybersecurity services are not limited just to money but also used to protect customer data, cloud storage and so on. Thus, the importance given to cybersecurity by the businesses has increased exponentially.

Online Video-on-demand Services

Several streaming services have been recently introduced to India. But, streaming platforms were only seen as a luxury by most people and the Indian film industry was highly sceptical to use these services. Meanwhile, when COVID hit the screens, the film industry was practically crippled. People were desperately looking for entertainment, in a time when theatres where no longer running for a while. This directed the people as well as filmmakers to depend on the streaming services beyond any scepticism. Major streaming services have attained tremendous growth in subscription numbers, owing to the pandemic.