• What should I wear when appearing for an interview?

    It is advisable to rely on formals, whenever you are going for an interview. Unless you are positively clear that formals are not demanded by your recruiters, it is safe to stick to formal attires.

  • What are the most frequently asked questions in an interview?

    The following are some of the common questions / requirements in a direct interview.

    • Tell me about yourself

    • How do you see yourself in a near future?

    • Give me a strong reason to hire you.

    • Do you have any questions about the company

  • How long should be my resume?

    Maintaining a resume on a single page is highly beneficial. If it is necessary, it can extend up to but not more than 2 pages. Anything longer than that might cost you your job.

  • Should lack of experience affect my chances?

    Unfortunately, yes, if the experience is openly required by the recruiters when advertising for the job. If not, it is safe to say that your capability is the most important key towards getting the job. If you possess the required skill set, lack of experience can easily be overlooked by the recruiters.