Complete Business Solutions

  • I came to the business with just my idea and limited investment. I had no clue what are all required to run a business, moreover, be profitable. So, I decided to seek the support of Ready2jobs. Now, my business is running successfully without any legal or staffing issues. I trusted Ready2jobs to help me out and it was the best decision I ever made.

Disciplined Manpower and Delicate Management

  • In my business, profit was never a problem. But, I was facing major productivity issues in terms of staff management. I even sought the help of leading consultancies, but I was unable to find the right people to work and the right team to manage. So, when I chose Ready2jobs, I was more than sceptical. But, to my surprise, they knew just what my company needed and supplied the most skilled manpower than I have ever had the pleasure to employ. Now my business is highly profitable. Thank you Ready2jobs!

Timely Salary kept up the spirits of my employees

  • With our last agency, we faced several technical issues in terms of salary processing and they always came up with some silly reasons for the delay. Meanwhile, we also came to know that our staffs have been facing issues in terms of PF and ESI benefits that they are entitled to. One of my colleagues recommended Ready2jobs and within a few months of their recruitment, they rectified the issues with the previous agency and streamlined the salary processing is seen as I have never seen before. Now our staffs frequently come to us to share their happiness over the tremendous improvement.

The highest level of professionalism I have seen in my time

  • I have been in business for a considerably longer period. I have once been a staff and I understand the problems faced by both an employer and an employee. So, I have loved the professional standards and ethics of Ready2jobs, more than everything else. They have never compromised my benefit with the benefits of the staff and vice versa. They always find a way to stay in between, however hard it might be. They are the best I have ever seen.